Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July? I wish . . .

Update 8-14-10: I feel good enough to return to work this next Monday. I've also started blogging again, finishing up a post ("A Stitch in Time") I started before I got sick.

Update 8-9-10: I have pneumonia but after nearly three weeks, I think I'm on the mend. I'm not back at work yet, but my coughing is subsiding, and the fever is gone. I'm on antibiotics and am using an inhaled corticosteroid medication to reduce inflammation in my lungs. At the moment, the worst part is the fatigue and tthe fact that I've lost ten pounds (six in the last week). Hopefully, I'll stop losing weight and regain my strength soon.

The precious few regular readers of my blog are probably wondering “why hasn’t he posted anything lately?” I wish I could blame my dearth of posts on a sudden, untapped giddiness over “Christmas in July,” that marketing ploy by national retailers to justify sales. Unfortunately, my absence is attributable to another summer anomaly: an unseasonal cold or flu.

This ain’t no cold. This must be a flu variant. I’ve been running a low-grade fever for days and it hasn’t broken yet. I have pounding headaches, and aches and pains in joints and muscles I’d forgotten I have. A nagging persistent cough has precluded restful sleep. I have absolutely no appetite. I'm no doctor, but not eating and not sleeping aren't parts of a normal prescription for recovery.

The bottom line is that I simply have not felt good enough to blog. I can't focus or concentrate. I’m staying home from work so that I don’t pass this along to others. My wife’s been a trouper for taking such good care of me.

A high school buddy of mine, Patrick Hannon, had little tolerance for my proclivity for constant complaining. In response to this he would undoubtedly proclaim “Another fine whine, Mr. Nishimura!” Yeah, but it makes me feel better.

I hope to soon be posting regularly again.


Willard C. Dixon, AIA said...

Hope you feel better soon, Randy; we look forward to your return. -Will

Randy Nishimura, AIA said...

Thanks Will. I hope I feel better soon too. - Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy I found your blog a couple of months ago and check in occasionally. good info hope your are feeling better

Jon Texter

Randy Nishimura, AIA said...


Glad you found my blog.

I'm still home sick but at least I know what I have now: bacterial pneumonia. I'm on a regimen of antibiotics and by doctor says I should be better in six to ten days. I hope so.