Saturday, January 15, 2011

Modern Views

The Center for Architecture (CFA) is the home of the Portland chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is also an innovative Holst Architecture-designed LEED Platinum renovation project (located in what is now Portland's Pearl District, the building was originally constructed in the 1880s as a carriage house). The CFA is a venue for meaningful and effective dialogue between design professionals from Portland and beyond. AIA-Southwestern Oregon members are always welcome to visit the Center and attend events there.

The Center is hosting a special screening on Thursday, January 20 of Modern Views: A Conversation on Northwest Modern Architecture, a film produced by Studio 216 and the University of Washington Department of Architecture.

The producers describe Modern Views as "an insightful new documentary about mid-century northwest modern architecture." The film illustrates how designers today can learn from sustainable and economic choices made as many as 50 years ago. By focusing upon the personal histories and insights of five prominent Seattle-area architects, Modern Views offers a deeper understanding of a unique style of architecture that today is garnering renewed respect.

The featured architects Arne Bystrom, Wendell Lovett, Gene Zema, Ralph Anderson, and Fred Bassetti  discuss how the Pacific Northwest landscape and climate guided their design decisions and their choice of materials, leading to a richer palette of adaptive design aesthetics. These modest designers often worked under the premise that "less is more" in a period that shared some of the same economic challenges we face today. The work from this modern era depicts the importance of allowing a region to influence the design of buildings, while leaving behind a legacy of environmental responsibility.

The screening is free to AIA members and students.

Modern Views: A Conversation on Northwest Modern Architecture
Thursday, January 20
6:00 - 7:30 pm
The Center for Architecture
403 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR  97209


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2formarchitecture said...

How can we get a screening in Eugene?

Randy Nishimura, AIA said...

I don't know how we might get a screening of "Modern Views" in Eugene. Perhaps AIA-SWO could approach the producers about bringing it here.