Saturday, June 25, 2011


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and Hewlett-Packard are pleased to announce the 4th Advanced Architecture Contest, on the theme of CITY-SENSE: Shaping our environment with real-time data.

The aim of the competition is to generate visions, ideas and proposals for the city of the 21st century. The competition is open to architects, engineers, planners, designers, and artists who want to contribute to making the world more habitable. The organizers encourage competition entrants to respond to emerging challenges in ecology, information technology, architecture, and urban planning.

The competition brief challenges entrants to design either of two options: 1) a self-sufficient building; or 2) a self-sufficient city. An overarching goal is to explore the potential of real-time data collection upon sensor-driven cities.

The competition jury will at its discretion distribute a series of prizes with a total value of €50,000.

The jury includes Aaron Betsky, Vicente Guallart, Juan Herreros, Michel Rojkind, Nader Tehrani, Neil Gershenfeld, and Willy Muller among other luminaries. The jurors will look for outstanding proposals at any scale, for any city in the world. Such proposals might illustrate the potential of “smart cities,” eco-neighborhoods, self-sufficient buildings, intelligent homes, or any other proposal that analyzes the phenomena of sensor-driven cities and intelligent behavioral systems.

Registration is FREE. The organizers will accept submissions (electronically as PDF files only) up to Monday, September 26th 2011. For more detailed information about the competition, click the link below:

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is a cutting edge education and research center dedicated to the development of an architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges confronting habitation in the 21st century. Based in Barcelona, one of the world’s capitals of architecture and urbanism, the IAAC is a platform for the exchange of knowledge with faculty and students from around the world. Students work simultaneously on multiple areas of expertise (ecology, energy, digital manufacturing, new technologies), pursuing their own lines of inquiry on the way to developing an integrated set of skills with which to act effectively in their home country or globally.

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