Friday, January 20, 2012

Pedaling for Affordable Housing

Bike & Build is an organization that empowers young adults by raising their social consciousness through efforts to spread awareness about the need for affordable housing. Each summer, team members cycle across the country, working on affordable housing projects along the way while promoting the cause.

According to its website, Bike & Build has contributed $3,387,200 to housing groups to fund projects planned and executed by the participants. Its program introduces young adults (mostly college-aged) to the affordable housing issue, engages them in a unique and interesting way, and creates a prolonged and intimate connection. By funding building projects involving students and young adults, Bike & Build taps the unlimited potential of this crucial demographic.

Most importantly, Bike & Build instills leadership and philanthropic service among its participants. The riders represent our future; the program captures their energy and directs it toward a worthy cause. Many Bike & Build alumni will undoubtedly remain committed to a lifetime of civic engagement.

A young friend of mine, Alex Caves, will be among those pedaling for affordable housing with Bike & Build. Alex is an incredibly creative, energetic, and motivated individual. He is thrilled by the prospect of riding with Bike & Build this summer. I have no doubt that Alex will serve as an exemplary ambassador for the organization.

Bike & Build produces eight cross-country events: Central United States, Northern United States, Providence to Seattle, Providence to California, Southern United States, North Carolina to San Diego, Maine to Santa Barbara and South Carolina to Santa Cruz. Alex will be one of the riders on the North Carolina to San Diego route.

Bike & Build is a 501(c)(3) independent nonprofit organization. In order to participate in Bike & Build, each rider agrees to raise a minimum of $4,500 in donations. Cyclists raise this money in a variety of ways. I’m helping Alex with his fundraising by promoting Bike & Build on SW Oregon Architect. If you’re interested in helping Alex meet his goal of raising $4,500 in donations, click the following link to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Alex plans on filming his entire Bike & Build experience to share the story of how the goodwill of donors is being put to use. He will post pictures and videos on his blog documenting the progress of his North Carolina to San Diego team so that we can all follow along.

I’m looking forward to tracking Alex’s progress this summer. Support Alex and Bike & Build by making a donation today!

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