Sunday, March 3, 2013

AIA-SWO Construction Tour: Champ-a-tee Residence

Champ-a-tee Residence by 2form Architecture

The next in the ongoing series of AIA-SWO construction project tours features the Champ-a-tee Residence designed by an integrated project team led by 2form Architecture. On target to achieve LEED Gold certification, the expansive home combines sustainable design, state-of-the-art technology, and careful material selection. 

Located on the south side of Spencer Butte and overlooking a spring-fed pond, 2form designed the home to capture the views to the south and east. The kitchen is in the heart of the house and is adjacent to the open-plan family/music room that overlooks the pond. Upstairs are two guest rooms in addition to the master bedroom suite. 

The holistic design’s impressive inventory of green features and strategies includes:

DAYLIGHTING: The house achieves optimal daylighting through the careful positioning and sizing of windows, taking advantage of more than just the abundance of views. All windows are energy efficient, featuring LoE-366 glazing with argon. 

PASSIVE HEATING: A sunroom figures prominently in the design of the house. Two stories high, with operable clerestory windows, the sunroom passively heats a portion of the house in winter, using the direct gain from thermal mass. A movable, exterior sunscreen protects the sunroom from excessive heat gain during the height of summer. 

GEOSOURCE HEAT PUMP: Geosource heating and cooling systems use the earth as an energy source and heat sink. 

THERMAL COMFORT OPTIMIZED BY ZONING: The design achieves greater efficiency of the heating and cooling systems by creating seven distinct zones, all user-controlled. 

LANDSCAPING: Selecting only indigenous and drought-tolerant plants, water use for landscaping is greatly reduced. 

  • Insulation: The walls and roof feature advanced insulation techniques, using rigid board closed-cell insulation on the exterior side of walls and roof, and open-cell insulation in the cavities. The addition of closed-cell insulation on the exterior of the envelope greatly reduces thermal bridging, air leakage, and moisture condensation in the wall cavity. The use of open-cell insulation was chosen because of its effectiveness and efficiency over traditional batt insulation. 
  • Weather Barrier: The fully adhered weather barrier provides up to 30% energy savings vs. traditional house-wraps by minimizing air infiltration and exfiltration. 
  • Rain Screen: A rain screen system on the exterior of the house provides extra protection against moisture intrusion, ensuring lasting durability of the house.
PHOTOVOLTAICS: PV panels, prominent on the roof of the garage, provide back-up energy for the house, and a charging station for an electric car.

  • Roofing: The standing seam metal roofing, durable and long lasting, contains high recycled content steel. 
  • Flooring: Hardwood flooring is of 100% recycled content, and is FSC and FloorScore certified. All tile flooring is likewise of a high recycled content, and all carpeting is GreenLabel Plus certified. 
Construction of the Champ-a-tee Residence is well-advanced, and will afford those who attend the tour the opportunity to inspect many of these sustainable features. 

If you plan on attending, please RSVP by noon Monday, March 4 to Mariko Blessing at (541) 342-8077 or

What: Champ-a-tee House construction tour

When: Wednesday, March 6, 12:00 pm

Where: Fox Hollow Road (carpooling is required, so email Mariko for more specific directions and carpooling information)

Architect: 2fORM Architecture

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