Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finish Strong: Octagon Update

Interior of the Octagon.
Will Dixon, AIA provided another update last week about progress on renovation of the Octagon, Eugene’s own “center for architecture.” AIA-SWO’s Thursdays at Three weekly newsletter first published this update but I’m reposting it here for the benefit of my blog’s readership. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Will is the project’s chief advocate and driving force. Thanks to his efforts and that of the many who have contributed their time and materials, we’re seeing the Octagon transformed into a versatile and attractive headquarters for both AIA-SWO and Architects Building Community

Here’s Will’s latest update: 

September 25th Octagon Build-Out Update
by Will Dixon, AIA

First of all, happy Autumnal Equinox to everyone, and welcome to Fall 2014! 

Most of you should have received a “Finish Strong” postcard in the mail by now asking for your financial support to help us complete the build-out of the Octagon, our new Center for Architecture.  Please give generously today!  It’s nearly ready, but we need your help to reach the finish line this year.  Your donation is tax-deductible, and will benefit our local AIA chapter for many years to come. 

Note: despite being in the middle of a construction zone as of late, the Octagon has already proved itself as a great place for SWO Board and committee meetings, 24/7 display, community events, and “Luncheon-Learns” which are a great source of funding for our chapter.  The Octagon is essentially an extension of each and every one of our offices, and gives our chapter a real presence right in the heart of downtown.  It’s our new home!  To learn more about the story behind the Octagon: http://www.abc4.us/aia-swo-octagon-story 

To make a donation online: http://www.abc4.us/donate 

To mail in your donation, please send to:

The Octagon
92. East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401 

The last 9wood ceiling panel has been put in place and we had our final building inspection on Tuesday of this week, so all is complete and finaled as far as permits go.  Some minor cosmetic touch-up still needs to be done on the panels, but boy does it look good, especially as a great backdrop to the very cool looking Big Ass Fan (10 foot diameter!). 

Neal and Justin’s (Neon Latitudes) cold cathode, artistic lighting installation is finished and looks absolutely stunning!  And, it’s complete with two, separately switched zones for both inside and outside.  How these two crawled around up there is still a wonder to me.  (Thanks guys!) 

Carl Oslund (Oslund Design Inc.) and I are continuing to work on signage and branding. 

Fine woodworker Tom Clark (of Divine Light Altars) is putting the final touches on the remaining cabinetry with countertop to be installed near the front entry, as well as our new conference table which is going to be 7’ diameter and made out of thick apple plywood.  And, Tom is aiming to have these pieces finished and installed by end ofMonday next week!  If you’d like to see some of Tom’s phenomenal woodwork, click here: http://divinelightaltars.com

I was able to attain the last remaining lighting track pieces that we needed through HL Stearns in Portland, and they were shipped all the way from New York City.  After Stan Honn coordinated with Bob from Gary Pierce Painting to get them painted, Kyla and Wayne (of Lynn’s Electric) graciously came back to the Octagon to have them installed. 

We’ve also prepped the space for future installation of an Overhead Projector, drop-down Screen, and Speakers.  This A/V equipment will be used for future Luncheon-Learns, seminars and other professional presentations, movie nights, and more! 

Note: your donations will help us to secure these and other necessary items, including a gallery Display System, Donor Recognition Display, Gallery Lighting, Shades, Signage, and Furniture.  All of the work and material thus far has come from donations and sponsorships, volunteer work, and much out of-pocket expense. 

As always, we greatly appreciate all of the 30+ donors thus far who have given their expertise, material, patience, and positive attitude towards our new Center for Architecture!  This wouldn’t have been possible without their support! 

Thank you! 

SWO Past Poobah ‘14

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