Saturday, September 20, 2008

Avast me hearties, September 19th was National Park(in’) Day!

National Park(in') Day (1) be an annual event t' celebrate parks by creatin' temporary parks in public parkin' spaces. Goals o' the event, accordin' t' organizers, be to make merry and promote t' need for parks in America's cities. T' fundamental elements o' a good outdoor public space be seatin', shade, a place t' watch landlubbers and view scenery, and a sense o' bein' in nature.

In downtown Eugene, t' fine crew o' Cameron McCarthy Gilbert and Scheibe Landscape Architects volunteered its time t’ transform a metered parkin' spot for a day into a park which be its own – Pearl Park – located at t' intersection o' Pearl Street & Broadway.

T' sprogs o' CMGS (from left to right: Matt Koehler, Justin Lanphear, Aaron Olsen, and Colin McArthur) be admirin' the fruits o' their labors.

And it weren’t about t’ pieces o’ eight: CMGS installed a mess o’ sod, trees, and shrubs donated by Nurserynet NW, Inc. and Rexius, with pavers by Willamette Graystone. Free coffee 'n pastries were furnished by Full City and Palace Bakery, respectively. Add in café tables 'n chairs, and t’ effect be complete. Arrr! A fine time t' be had by all, mateys!

Shiver me timbers! That'd be me and Robertson/Sherwood/Architects lass Janelle Ashcraft hoistin’ grog while sittin' in Pearl Park.

Park(in') Day continues t' spread virally, through t' Internet and word o' mouth. Since its inception, Park(in') Day has become a global experiment in reprogrammin' vehicular space for social exchange, recreation and artistic expression. That thar be swashbucklin’ for a good cause!

(1) September 19th also happened to be Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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