Sunday, August 2, 2009

President’s Message – August 2009

Even though the dog days of summer are upon us, this doesn’t mean that your AIA-SWO chapter has kicked back or taken a vacation. We’re busier than ever with plans to make this year’s People’s Choice Awards program and our annual Register-Guard insert the best ever. We’re also moving forward quickly with our preparations for the juried 2009 Design Awards program, which we are co-producing with AIA-Southern Oregon. As I mentioned in my July president’s message, 2005 was the last year that we produced the Design Awards, so I’m confident that we’ll see a bumper crop of projects all worthy of recognition from the distinguished jury we have lined up.

Watch for a special announcement with some significant surprises about combining your People's Choice entry with our annual Register-Guard insert. We're developing some exciting new ideas that may also include our Design Awards, scheduled for October 10. We're working hard to conserve your expenditures (both time and money) by identifying synergies between all three programs. We're less than a week away from finalizing all of the important details (honest!), but I didn't want to wait to get you this message.

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Our August Program: Seismic Upgrades
The August AIA-SWO meeting is our annual foray to Corvallis, so join us on August 19th as we break bread with our brethren in the heart of the valley. The evening’s speaker will be John Evans, PE, of Pillar Consulting Group, who will cover the subject of upgrading old, unreinforced masonry buildings to meet current lateral force resistance standards. John will present the topic from the perspective of a structural engineer. His goal is to help us understand the topic of seismic retrofits so that we may educate our clients and work more effectively with our engineering consultants.

The location of the August meeting will be the Water Street Market, located at 151 NW Monroe Avenue in downtown Corvallis. During our social hour, you’ll be able to sample wine on the outdoor patio from the Belle Vallee Cellars tasting room, and then enjoy a delicious meal selected from the menu of the popular Aqua Seafood Restaurant & Bar. Mark your calendars and look for the meeting invitation soon. See you in Corvallis on Wednesday, August 19th!

Randy Nishimura, AIA
2009 President, AIA-Southwestern Oregon

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