Sunday, August 2, 2009

Region Associate Director

AIA-Southwestern Oregon is charged with nominating the next AIA-Northwest & Pacific Region Associate Director (RAD) at this September’s meeting of the Region board in Anchorage. This person’s two-year term would begin in January 2010 and carry through to the end of 2011.

The RAD would represent Northwest & Pacific Region Associate members at the national level by serving on the AIA National Associates Committee (NAC). He or she would also participate as a voting member on the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region board. One function of the position is to serve as a conduit between the national, regional, and local component levels of the AIA, and the Associate members of the region.

Other responsibilities would include participating in bi-monthly NAC conference calls and building relationships with allied groups both within the AIA as well as associated organizations to increase the visibility of Associate issues.

The RAD must be an AIA Associate member in good standing. The individual must be an Associate member at the commencement of his or her term; however, the RAD is encouraged to pursue licensure during that term. The only stipulation is that a RAD who obtains his or her license cannot seek reelection for another term as RAD.

The perks that come along with serving as the RAD include being fully funded to attend several national meetings during each of the two years of the RAD’s term:
  • The annual meeting of the National Associates Committee, held every fall in Washington, D.C.

  • The annual Grassroots Leadership and Legislative Conference, also held in Washington, D.C.

  • The annual American Institute of Architects Convention, to take place in Miami next year and in New Orleans in 2011.
The current and soon-to-be outgoing RAD is Yolanda Santiago Lettieri, AIA. Yolanda would be happy to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the position with AIA-SWO Associate member who might be interested in following her. She wants to pass the torch knowing that the next RAD will be well-prepared for this leadership opportunity. Contact Yolanda by e-mailing her at

The RAD position is an opportunity for an interested AIA-SWO Associate to assume a truly influential role within the AIA. The responsibilities that accompany the position are great because a primary role of the National Associates Committee is to help shape the future agenda of our profession from the perspective of those who will inherit it. Strong leadership and representation by our younger Associate members at the Region and National levels is essential.

If you are an AIA-SWO Associate member interested in the challenge and potential for personal growth that the RAD position offers, please contact me as soon as you can. Call me at (541) 342-8077 or reach me by e-mail at

Randy Nishimura, AIA
2009 President, AIA-Southwestern Oregon

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