Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 People's Choice Awards Display

The 2009 People’s Choice Awards display at this year’s Eugene Celebration was a great success. Once again, Oveissi & Co. provided a commodious and visually stimulating backdrop for thirty-five boards presenting the outstanding work of local architects, landscape architects, and designers. Despite some damp weather over the weekend, the public turnout was good, with a constant flow of visitors through the exhibit.

The results of the People’s Choice (and Colleague’s Choice) balloting will be revealed at this month’s AIA-SWO chapter meeting on Wednesday, September 23. Look for a meeting announcement soon with further details. The meeting will also be an opportunity to see all of the boards again, as our intent is to install the display at The Actors Cabaret for that evening.

The results will also appear in our annual Register-Guard insert, which will be published on Friday, October 9 (the day before our juried Design Awards banquet – if you haven’t already done so, announce your intent to enter that program immediately as the entry deadline has been extended to this Friday, September 11!).

Presently all of the boards and the borrowed easels have been moved to storage at the AIA-SWO office in the Mid-Town Arts Center at 1590 Willamette Street. Ideally, the easels would be available for use at our chapter meeting on September 23; however, do not hesitate to contact either AIA-SWO Executive Director Don Kahle at (541) 424-2424 or Paul Dustrud, AIA at (541) 338-8544 if you would like to retrieve your easels before then (Don or Paul will ensure that the door to the office is open when you go to pick them up).

Thanks to all of the AIA-SWO and ASLA volunteers who staffed the display during the Eugene Celebration. And direct a big dose of appreciation to the members of the People’s Choice Awards organizing committee: Michael Soraci, Barbara Harris, Jodi Sommers, Shawn Jenkins, Paul Dustrud, Kurt Albrecht, Matt Koehler, Andika Murandi, Jesse McMillen, Nir Pearlson, and Greg Brokaw (I hope I didn’t forget anybody). Finally, thanks to Kaz Oveissi for his hospitality, and The Green Store for being our raffle prize sponsor.

See you on September 23 at our chapter meeting for the announcement of this year’s People’s Choice Award winners!

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