Sunday, February 14, 2010

Presentation by Eden Brukman

The Cascadia Region Green Building Council promotes the design, construction and operation of buildings in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live, work and learn. The Eugene Branch of Cascadia hosts monthly lunchtime presentations and quarterly evening events on emerging green building issues. These events are designed to provide networking and educational opportunities for members and industry professionals in the greater Eugene area.

This month’s presentation features Eden Brukman, Vice President of the International Living Building Institute and the Research Director for the Cascadia Region Green Building Council. An architect and sustainable building advisor, she has focused her career on incorporating socially and environmentally responsible strategies into design and construction. Since 1996, her work has included research and implementation of sustainable policies, particularly related to building certification and the specification of appropriate building materials. Eden has consulted on dozens of green building projects nationally and internationally, authored articles for periodicals, and lectured at conferences, universities and professional development programs. She now dedicates her time to the development and international deployment of the Living Building Challenge.

Eden will speak on the topic of the Living Building Challenge and why now is the right time for a world of living buildings, sites, and communities. She will describe the seven performance areas of the Living Building Challenge: Site, Water, Energy, Health, Materials, Equity & Beauty. She will ask us to:
  • Imagine a building designed and constructed to function as elegantly and efficiently as a flower – a building informed by its bio-region’s characteristics, and that generates all of its own energy with renewable resources, captures and treats all of its water, and operates efficiently and for maximum beauty.
  • Imagine a city block or a college campus sharing resources from building to building, growing food, and functioning without a dependency on fossil fuel-based transportation.
  • Imagine true sustainability in our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities – Socially Just, Culturally Rich and Ecologically Benign™.
Date: Thursday, February 18th

Location: Davis’ Restaurant & Bar, 94 West Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401

Time: 5:30p.m.—7:30p.m. 

Cost: Cascadia members: Free. Bring your Cascadia passport to receive a stamp. Non-members: $5.00.
Full-time students: Free

RSVP to:  Jenna Garmon, phone: 541-682-5541; email:

Parking downtown is limited. Please bike, walk, bus or carpool.

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