Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Reboot

Stasis isn’t necessarily a good thing in the online universe, so I figured it was time for some changes to SW Oregon Architect. Eventually, I’d like to create a custom template for my blog, with its own distinctive look, rather than relying upon one of Blogger’s standard offerings (the template I’ve been using – “TicTac” – is serviceable but hardly unique). Baby steps first though: I recently added bookmarking and sharing functions so that my individual posts can be shared via social media. My next move is to edit my list of favorite blogs.

I don’t want an endless list of blog links, so I’m adding some new sites but dropping others at the same time. My goal is to always provide a sampling of what I consider to be among the best blogs about architecture (and other topics).

To be included on my blog list, a blog should:
  • Be well-written
  • Post with some regularity and frequency (not only once every six months)
  • Address subjects of interest to readers of SW Oregon Architect
  • Not simply be a clearinghouse for links to other online resources
Here are four new blogs I’ve added to my blog roll:

ArchDaily was founded in March 2008 with the goal of delivering news of interest to architects around the world as soon as it is happening. The blog quickly established itself as one of the leading architectural websites in the world due to its editorial staff’s meticulous understanding of what its audience is really looking for: the best architecture around the world, as soon as possible.

BUILDblog is a discussion of modern Northwest design from the perspective of Andrew van Leeuwen, one of the partners of BUILD LLC. BUILD LLC is a self-proclaimed “Industrious Architecture” company based in Seattle that is committed to an integration of the design and construction processes. The blog is chock-full of insights about the firm’s design and construction processes, its partiality to contemporary expressions of modernism, and general observations about architecture.

Design Intelligence Blog
The DesignIntelligence Blog is a complement to the Design Futures Council’s bi-monthly report on the future of architecture, design, and real estate, delivering original research, insightful commentary, and instructive best practices. Architects rely on DesignIntelligence to deliver insight about emerging trends and management practices, allowing them to make their organization a better managed, more financially successful enterprise.(1)

Life of an Architect
Life of an Architect is an entertaining blog written by Dallas, TX architect Bob Borson. He started his blog on January 14, 2010 to learn the technology behind how people are starting to communicate with one another electronically. He claims to not have a list of burning issues or a controversial social agenda to promote but is simply “a regular guy” (except that he puts his pants on both legs at once “because it’s just faster that way”).

So, upon which blogs am I dropping the axe? Regrettably, two of the casualties are associated with the AIA – AIA Archiblog (, and the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Blog ( – both of which appear to be dormant. A third is the blog of the University of Oregon’s American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) chapter (, which likewise appears to be inactive. The UO AIAS group itself has been busier than it has been in years (see my posts here, here, and here) but attending to the blog has not been one of its priorities.

The fourth and last of the blogs that will no longer be on my list is Euglena Blog (, now titled Alder Stone 3. I consider Alder Stone Fuller a friend. He operated the independent Euglena Academy in Eugene from 2001 until this spring, teaching college-level courses about systems science, complexity, and climate change. He has just closed the Academy to pursue personal and professional opportunities that are taking him to Portland, Maine. Euglena may take a new form but it will no longer be here with us in Eugene.(2)

Alder Stone Fuller

I’ll continue to shake things up every now and then depending upon what I find enjoyable to read. I don’t figure to ever have an exhaustive listing – just a select number of blogs that complement each other.(3) If you know of a blog that you think I need to see, point me in its direction. Chances are good I’ll add it to my list.

(1) DesignIntelligence does not appear to publish new posts very frequently, which violates one of my criteria for inclusion on my list. Nevertheless, I find the blog interesting. Eventually, we'll see if I keep it among my favorites if the schedule of its postings is too sporadic.

(2) I plan on continuing to follow Alder and his work online. He’s started up a couple of new websites, including He’s eager to move on to discover what life has planned for him next. I expect Alder will always seek out new challenges – learning, adapting, and teaching – because he is restless, a nomad at heart.

(3) Both A Daily Dose of Architecture (found on my Blog List in the sidebar at right) and ArchiBlog (one of my Sites of Interest) contain extensive lists of links to hundreds of blogs about architecture. Check them out if you have an appetite (and endless free time) for the architectural blogosphere.

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Heidi Peschel said...

I will miss having Alder as a work neighbor. Thank you for posting his new website information. I find his work and personal spirit fascinating.