Saturday, July 3, 2010

Invest in Yourself: Register Today!

An Emerald Vision: The 2010 American Institute of Architects Northwest & Pacific Region Conference
October 13-16, 2010

I blogged previously about how AIA-SWO’s 2010 Conference marketing committee, led by Barbara Harris, has assembled a promotional campaign for this fall's big event. That effort includes a series of email “blasts” to targeted audiences. With online registration now open, the committee is directing the next blast (below) to all AIA members and associates who attended past AIA Northwest & Pacific Region conferences in Spokane, Honolulu, and Anchorage:

You’ve atended the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference before. You know how valuable it is. This year’s edition will be no exception. Give yourself the gift of An Emerald Vision: The 2010 American Institute of Architects Northwest & Pacific Region Conference, October 13-16, in Eugene, Oregon.

Want an asset that will never diminish in value? Invest in yourself. That’s a sure bet in this economy. Profit richly by networking and learning.

Coveting a guaranteed return on your investment? Receive all 18 continuing education units required for your annual AIA membership (including HSW and SD credits) at the Region conference.

Seeking value? Explore the power of good design in the widest possible context — consider transportation, civic leadership, land-use planning, even the effect of natural disasters on place-making. We'll push beyond the green bandwagon and ask “what’s next?” We’ll look at genius loci and the vision of futurists.

Looking to diversify your conference experience? Select from our broad portfolio of educational sessions: lectures by distinguished speakers, intriguing panel discussions, or tours of outstanding local projects. We’ll spend a day on the University of Oregon campus, drawing upon a new generation of design leadership throughout the Region. We’re arranging alumni get-togethers, and time with professors and students.

Space is limited. Tell everyone what we have planned and have them sign up before summer slips away.

No other AIA component is as geographically and culturally diverse as the Northwest & Pacific Region. That’s why you value the exchange of ideas, networking, and the company of your Region colleagues. You know how rewarding an investment in every AIA Northwest & Pacific Region conference can be.

Invest in a commodity that will pay real dividends. It's a gem: An Emerald Vision.

Make your 2010 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference plans now!

Register online at

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