Saturday, October 23, 2010

Winners of the 2010 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Design Awards

Shattuck Hall Renovation - A 2010 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Design Award winner (photo by Charles Ingram Photography)

This is the second of several posts I will write about the recently completed 2010 American Institute of Architects Northwest & Pacific Region Conference – An Emerald Vision – held in Eugene, October 13-16.The conference was hosted by AIA-Southwestern Oregon.

I happened to notice when I checked my Site Meter tracking gadget that many recent visitors arrived at SW Oregon Architect after searching for “2010 Region Conference Award Winners.” Accordingly, this post features the press release prepared by the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region listing the results of the Region Design Awards program.

I’d like to credit the photographers for each of the images contained in this blog post. Unfortunately, in some instances I didn't have ready access to their names. I will add all the credits once I locate them.

Here’s the press release:

Quality Designs Make for Tough Competition

The AIA Northwest & Pacific Region annually holds the Region Design Awards (RDA) competition for projects, designed by AIA architects from Hong Kong to Montana, which have previously won an award. The 2010 awards were held in Eugene, OR, the evening of October 16.

This year there were over 70 entrants in the competition but only a handful received awards.

While this has always been a "best of the best" competition; 2010 is distinctive due to the level of excellence demonstrated in design submittals. The high quality of design made decisions difficult for the jury.

The 2010 jury only handed out eight awards. Four Honor Awards and four Citation awards were given; no Merit Awards were handed out. Pervasive elements in the winning designs were innovation and skilled utilization of elements that could have inhibited design.

The 2010 Honor Award Winners are:

Portland State University - Shattuck Hall Renovation
“ Conceptually strong... individual pieces ingeniously crafted with spirit and life. ”
(Charles Ingram Photography)

Bainbridge High School
“Strengthens and reinforces the campus at large as well as the community.”

Vancouver Convention Center West
“A difficult building type on a remarkable site that maintains strong physical and visual ties with Vancouver Harbor ”

Portland Mall Revitalization
“A subtle, masterful handling of all the elements while addressing several modes of transportation with texture and craft.”

2010 Citation Award Winners are:

Vanke Shenzhen Head Office
“A sophisticated insertion of circulation and volume to unify three existing floors and modernize an office building ”

Olympia Mills Commerce Center
“A skillful repurposing of a grain storage facility into a variety of flexible spaces.”
(photo by Stephen A. Miller)

“A market driven solution on a tight budget that still manages to reinterpret an urban form in a completely new way. ”
(photo by Stephen A. Miller) 

Earth House
“ A magical creation”
(photo by Wooseop Hwang)

The awards event itself was well attended with over 200 attendees. Jurors easily held the audience attention with their comments and both participants and attendees were fortunate to have an exceptional combination of jurors. The three jury members were: Julie Eizenberg, Founding Principal of Koning Eizenberg Architecture; David Lake, FAIA; Lake|Flato Architects; and Donlyn Lyndon, FAIA, Eva Li Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Emeritus UC Berkeley.

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