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University of Oregon Faculty Position

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Associate or Assistant Professor in Architecture
University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Department of Architecture seeks an innovative colleague to teach design studios and design communication courses. It wants to add an educator with expertise in integrating traditional and emerging digital media into the design process, from initial concept generation to final building presentation. The appointee will be expected to pursue a well-defined research agenda in an area such as architectural representation, digital fabrication, building information modeling or other computational methods. Previous teaching and professional experience in architecture or a specialty related to design communication are desirable. Candidates should hold an appropriate advanced degree and demonstrate the potential for achievement in both teaching and research.

The University of Oregon Department of Architecture is a national leader in sustainable design. It would especially welcome applicants whose design media approaches could enhance sustainability education and research and their relationship to other areas of our program. This appointment will begin in September 2011.

The Department of Architecture also has these distinguished visiting positions open:

Frederick Charles Baker Chair in Architectural Design. The Baker Chair is an endowed chair with a special focus on the study of light and lighting as a phenomenon in architectural design.

Pietro Belluschi Distinguished Visiting Professor in Architectural Design. Belluschi professors are prominent architects and architectural educators who will bring true distinction and unique opportunities to the University of Oregon.

Margo Grant Walsh Professorship in Interior Architecture. This professorship supports a prominent visiting designer, architect, or educator to teach, lecture, and counsel future generations of design students.

Julie Neupert Stott Visiting Professor in Interior Architectural Design. This professorship supports an internationally recognized scholar and/or professional in the field of interior architecture to teach and lecture design students.

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