Friday, May 20, 2011

My Green Palette

My Green Palette is a green-themed online architecture & design info center produced for Pratt & Lambert Paints. In addition to featuring links to the company’s green products, the website is an information center where architects can showcase their green projects and get the latest green news from industry leaders.

Representatives for the social marketing company WOMfire persuaded me to join the stable of “influencers” that regularly contributes to the Green Blog found on the My Green Palette site. WOMfire helps brands capitalize on the millions of conversations and word-of-mouth opinions posted online. It created My Green Palette for Pratt & Lambert because P & L wanted to increase its profile within the online community and simultaneously burnish its green luster.

I was apprehensive at first about writing posts for an overtly commercial enterprise. Would my contributions be viewed by readers as an endorsement of Pratt & Lambert’s products? Would some think of me as beholden to P & L?

The folks at WOMfire reassured me the contents of my posts would be completely my own. I would be under no obligation to promote Pratt & Lambert Paints. Their only stipulation was that the subject matter of my posts be of interest to the intended audience: sustainability-minded architects and interior designers.

The upshot is you’ll now find me both here on SW Oregon Architect and at Green Blog. I’ve committed to writing about a post a month for Green Blog. Check out my premiere appearance, which is a repost of my LEED-ership Beyond the Tipping Point piece.

I’m going green and branching out in the architectural blogosphere!

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