Saturday, February 4, 2012

AIA-SWO Intern Tour: Fern Ridge High Performance Lake House

The next Design|Spring intern tour (co-hosted by AIA-Southwestern Oregon and the Eugene branch of the Cascadia Green Building Council) will take place on Thursday, February 9 and feature the Fern Ridge High Performance Lake House designed by Jan Fillinger, AIA, LEED AP of Studio-E Architecture.

Jan is an architect with 20 years of experience in the practice of sustainable design that includes climate- and site-responsive buildings, non-toxic and sustainable materials, and integration of energy-efficient building systems. A major focus of his work is design that incorporates social and environmental responsibility and adds richness to people’s lives, so that they can live and work in uplifting, fulfilling environments.

The High Performance Lake House project is actually a campus of several carefully sited buildings overlooking Fern Ridge Lake: a 3,000 sf artist studio and workshop, a two-car garage, and a 2,800 sf high-performance residence. The overall project is characterized by creative geometries and innovative use of industrial materials. The high-performance residence implements many sustainable features and concepts throughout the design and utilizes recycled materials in both its structure and finishes.

The sustainable features include:
  • Super insulation
  • Tuned sunshading
  • 5 kW photovoltaic panels
  • Thermal solar hot water panels
  • Double-stud 12” wall construction
  • Passive solar design & orientation
Here are the particulars:

What: Fern Ridge High Performance Lake House

Where:  26272 Fern Ridge Drive, Junction City, OR
  • If leaving from Eugene include at least 20 minutes to commute
  • If lost call Jan @ 541-359-5513
When: Thursday, February 9 – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Architect:  Jan Fillinger, AIA, LEED AP of Studio-E Architecture

Carpooling will be available! Email for more information.

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