Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Midsummer's Rooftop Romp

Roof of the Parcade in downtown Eugene, July 17, 2013 (all photos unless noted otherwise by me)

One of the great things about the local design and construction community is how close-knit and collegial it is. I think these traits are a function of its relatively small size but also simply because it is comprised of truly good people who enjoy each other’s company. We mix comfortably, unafraid to let our hair down, strengthening our bonds. 

The 2013 edition of the annual AIA-Southwestern Oregon & CSI-Willamette Valley Chapter picnic, which took place this past Wednesday, is a case in point. Everyone one had a great time storming the rooftop of the Parcade. A brutalist concrete parking structure in the middle of downtown isn’t the first image one conjures when thinking of a picnic. On the other hand, it proved to be an ideal setting for our (un)traditional summer celebration, a perfectly quirky yet appropriate venue for a gathering of folks dedicated to the betterment of our built environment. The picnic was as much a testament to the rejuvenation of Eugene’s urban core as it was an excuse to enjoy good food, music, and company.

Larry Banks, AIA, CSI of PIVOT Architecture and "retired carpenter" Jim Chaney, FCSI enjoy good food, good drink, and a laugh together.

The weather was perfect and the west wall provided welcome shade from the setting sun.
Representatives from sponsors Columbia Green Technologies and Skoler Building Resources displayed their (appropriately enough) green roof technologies and membrane roofing systems, respectively.
The future is so bright for Paul Dustrud, AIA he's gotta wear shades. 

"A Side of Beets" (including CSI's own Matt Keenan on bass guitar) provided the evening's fantastic musical entertainment. Incoming CSI-WVC president Tana Baker holds court at her table. 

Eric Gunderson, AIA, CSI of PIVOT Architecture, Travis Sheridan, Assoc. AIA of Willard C. Dixon Architect, and Eugene mayor Kitty Piercy await the start of the 2013 AIA vs. CSI tug-of-war. The mayor served as the contest's referee.

The epic tug-of-war in progress. For a second consecutive year, the AIA team (to the left) emerged triumphant (photo by Jenni Rogers, Assoc. AIA).
Big thanks to the event’s organizers, who produced a wonderful event. Thanks too, to the City of Eugene for clearing the way for use of the Parcade. 
Food and drinks were generously provided by the following companies: 
This year’s “Urban Picnic” will be difficult to “top” (pardon the pun); nevertheless, I’m confident next year’s version will be equally enjoyable and another opportunity to bring together some of the best people you’ll find anywhere.

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