Saturday, May 31, 2014

AIA Late Night

Remember what it was like to labor into the wee hours of the morning (or pulling an all-nighter) on your final review presentations when you were in architecture school? If you do (I do, quite fondly actually), then you know what it’s like: the stress, overwhelming fatigue, and mounting panic as zero hour approaches. Undoubtedly, you’d have welcomed the moral support, encouragement, and sympathy from those who’d been there themselves. 

Members of AIA-Southwestern Oregon understand. Plan on joining them next Wednesday, June 6 and show your support for University of Oregon architecture students by dropping in on the Lawrence Hall studios for a late-night visit (9-11 pm). They’ll be bringing cookies and coffee to share (donated by local vendors), direct some cheerleading, and generally provide the students with the energizing pick-me-up they need.  

RSVP to Jenna Fribley, AIA if you’re interested in joining the funThe AIA Late Night group will meet at the east entry to Lawrence Hall (the main doors to the parking lot) at 9:00 pm.


Sheldon said...

School, my arse! I did an all-nighter last week. Getting too old for that crap.

Randy Nishimura, AIA, CSI, CCS said...

Sheldon: All work and no play makes for a curmudgeon-ly specifier!

I can't remember the last time I did a true all-nighter at work. It's been a while but I have unfortunately come close many times.