Sunday, May 25, 2014

Call for Volunteers: "Test Drive" the South Willamette District Design Code

You’ve heard the debate about South Willamette Street, but you may not know that the community and the city have been working together to create a long term vision for the broader South Willamette District.  

The vision has high aspirations for a gradual redevelopment of the district as an even better “twenty minute neighborhood” where people can live, work, walk to services and enjoy a vibrant community. A draft Design Code is being developed and includes piloting new concepts, such as:

  • Active retail frontage
  • A shopping alley
  • Single family options, a mix of smaller dwelling types
  • Row-house character
  • Building scale transitions and articulation

The City of Eugene and the Southwestern Oregon Chapter of the American Institute of Architects are seeking a few more volunteers to help "test drive" the draft of the new design code. The test will last a week, beginning June 12th and wrapping up on the 19th. Experience working with the land use code will be helpful. Please follow this link to sign up. 

The goal is to test the draft code against existing and potential projects, providing essential input on shaping the future of this unique district. The City is looking forward to learning from this exercise and refining the code with the input of the volunteers. For more information about the project background and Concept Plan, click the following URL: 

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