Saturday, July 12, 2014

Octagon Progress

The Octagon, July 2014

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like to lately.(1) Happily, I can repost an Octagon progress update first published this past week as part of AIA-Southwestern Oregon’s Thursdays at Three weekly newsletter. As I reported earlier, work on Eugene’s own “center for architecture” is progressing and coming along quite nicely.

Immediate AIA-SWO past-president Will Dixon, AIA provided the TH@3 report. Will has been the project’s chief advocate and driving force from its beginning. Thanks to his efforts and that of the many who have contributed their time and materials, the Octagon is certain to become a versatile and attractive headquarters for both AIA-SWO and Architects Building Community.

Here’s Will’s update:

July 10th Octagon Update
by Will Dixon, AIA
  • Neal and Justin from Neon Latitudes have completed their artistic lighting installation on the ceiling of the exterior plaza around the Octagon, and are now focusing on the interior. It’s looking great! We’ve received a lot of accolades and positive feedback thus far, and we can’t say enough about how much our chapter appreciates the work these guys have done (and are doing) for our new Center for Architecture. Stop by and take a look if you haven’t seen it yet.
  • Kyla and Wayne from Lynn’s Electric continue to be extremely generous with their donations of time and materials, and it has not been an easy job for them getting all of our changing “needs and wants” coordinated and installed. We greatly appreciate their expertise, patience, and positive attitude! 
  • Extra track and lighting fixtures for illuminating window displays have been donated by Zach Suchara and Luma Lighting Design in Portland, and graciously picked-up and delivered to my office by some good Portlandia friends of mine who happened to be coming down to visit (thank you Sarah and Al!). These new parts and pieces now need to be coordinated with Bob from Gary Pierce Painting to be painted dark bronze to match the color of the storefront window frames.
  • Some of the beautiful ceiling panels (graciously donated by 9Wood!) needed to be modified slightly, so there’s been some shifting around up there of the panels, along with a multitude of necessary minor tweakings of adjacent parts & pieces—the ceiling grid itself (thank you May or May Not Construction!); the Big Ass Fan (thank you BAF!); the heating ductwork (thank you Harvey & Price!); all for better alignment and centering.
  • We’ve also prepped the space for future installation of an overhead projector, drop-down screen, and speakers. Note: we are currently seeking donations and/or help with these items, so if you have any leads please let me know. This A/V equipment of course will be used for future Luncheon-Learns, seminars and other professional presentations, movie nights, and more!
  • Carl Oslund and Anna Collins of Oslund Design have put together a comprehensive set of design concepts for all of the various signage and environmental graphics for the Octagon, and it’s starting to take shape and look really cool. Their time, effort, know-how, and support have been tremendous with branding our new CFA—let alone they’re a lot of fun to work with as well!

(1) The reasons I haven't spent as much time blogging as I normally do include office and extracurricular commitments; however, the primary reason is the discomfort I’ve been experiencing in my neck and across my shoulders, and also down my right arm and hand. I’ve suspected it is the result of ergonomic issues (which I’m trying to correct) and the large amount of computer work I do every day. My blogging will be light for a while until the symptoms subside.       

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