Tuesday, August 5, 2014

America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools

Frances Bronet, Dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon issued a call to arms. DesignIntelligence will once again publish its ranking of America’s best architecture and design schools. Frances wants UO alums and others who benefit from the sustained excellence of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts to contribute to its continued high ranking by participating in the DesignIntelligence survey, which it uses to establish the list.

I’ve done my part by completing the survey. If you haven't already done so, make sure you do before the August 22 deadline.
Here’s Frances’ letter: 
Dear Design Professionals, 
Please take a moment to make a difference for higher education in Oregon. Recommendatons for America's Best Architecture & Design Schools rankings are due August 22.
As you know, the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts in Eugene and Portland has made a major commitment to design excellence that builds on deep engagement with pressing social and environmental issues. We need your help to continue to attract outstanding students and faculty members to the Northwest. The rankings published by DesignIntelligence have been an important tool for us and other universities. 
I am writing to urge you to help the School of Architecture and Allied Arts spread the word about this year's DesignIntelligence survey for the 2015 edition of America's Best Architecture and Design Schools. The Firms' Survey is most important. It is due August 22. This is the only survey that creates the official rankings. 
We have four programs that are included in this national ranking ---- architecture, interior architecture (interior design), product design (industrial design), and landscape architecture. The University of Oregon programs have consistently been included in these national rankings. 
Simply click on the links below to fill out one or more of the surveys as appropriate: 
DesignIntelligence asks hiring professionals and firms in the design world to fill out this quick 25-question survey, asking their opinions as to which schools best prepare students for the profession and what they look for in new grads. They validate every survey using their strict criteria to be sure they get the true opinions of those respondents who meet the qualifications, thus giving the publisher the best, unbiased rankings and responses possible. All results are anonymous. 
With your assistance, we can get the word out about how important this survey is to recruitment. As the costs of higher education continue to rise, we are ever more challenged to recruit the best students. It's become a very competitive market and high rankings with DesignIntelligence are more important than they ever have been. 
I appreciate your involvement in this process. As Dean of the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts, I would like to see a strong response from knowledgeable professionals in Oregon and throughout the U.S. to bolster the recognition of programs and faculty leaders in our region. Please contact me at fbronet@uoregon.edu if you have any questions. Thank you. 
Best wishes,
Frances Bronet
Dean, School of Architecture and Allied Arts
University of Oregon


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