Saturday, September 6, 2014

Register-Guard Insert

I previously reported big news about the 2014 AIA-SWO People’s Choice Awards, specifically that its display and associated voting will take place at this fall’s Lane County Home Improvement Show, October 10-12. The next big announcement is that AIA-SWO will once again publish a special insert in the The Register-Guard newspaper to coincide with the Home Improvement Show and the People’s Choice Awards.

With a distribution to over 190,000 businesses and residents in Lane County, The Register-Guard is an excellent place to advertise your firm or business. This Register-Guard Insert is also one of the most direct ways that the AIA-SWO addresses the Eugene-area community as a whole. 

Join other AIA-SWO members in raising the visibility of our profession, highlighting the chapter’s recent accomplishments, and sharing the quality and value of our work in the community.

In addition to the copies delivered to subscribers and newspaper boxes, AIA-SWO will distribute hundreds of copies at October's First Friday Art Walk and at the Lane Events Center during the Home Improvement Show. If past attendance is any indication, the show organizers expect more than 30,000 people to pass through the doors.

Check out the PDF at this link for more information. The R-G Insert committee will follow up with member offices in the weeks ahead. Act quickly and secure your firm's place in the Register-Guard insert. Space is limited!

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