Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Craftsmanship Awards Summer 2015

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Medieval Stonemason
Did you know that the Craftsmanship Awards were the first initiative of our chapter when it was chartered in 1952?  
Chapter volunteers are needed to help with the planning, jurying, and implementation of this year’s AIA-SWO Craftsmanship Awards Program. On hiatus since last held in 2011, this important chapter program recognizes the individual craftsmen and craftswomen that turn our design inspirations into reality. 
If you would like to help make this program a success please contact Bill Seider as soon as possible to join the planning committee. This is a great opportunity for both emerging and seasoned professionals in our Chapter to get involved.
The Craftsmanship Awards Program is scheduled for this June and as in the past, will showcase achievements that exemplify excellence in the construction industry. 
Start thinking about nominations--professionals in the construction industry, from the cost estimator, to the fine cabinet maker, to the job site superintendent worthy of this recognition--especially if they have consistently taken that extra step to ensure a finely crafted building. In order to make this year’s program a success we need all of the AIA-SWO members to consider making nominations for this award. We encourage each of you to think back on your successful projects. Who were the members on the construction team that demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship and should be recognized for their fine work? By our recognition we encourage others to do the same. Look for nomination information to be available in April. Contact Bill Seider with any questions or comments.

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