Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Are you ready for a Challenge?

The Eugene Branch of the Cascadia Green Building Council is a volunteer collective of design professionals from various local architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and planning firms. The organization is actively looking to partner with local leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to raise awareness of the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge
The Challenge is the built environment's most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation of building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature's architecture (see The Living Building Challenge is comprised of seven performance areas, or “petals.” These are: Place, Water, Energy, Health & Happiness, Materials, Equity and Beauty. The petals are further subdivided into a total of twenty imperatives, each of which focuses on a specific sphere of influence. 
The Eugene Branch of the Cascadia Green Building Council wants to help by talking about the Living Building Challenge and how this approach to a more sustainable built environment can be realized. 
Cascadia volunteers are happy to assist interested persons or organizations with a preliminary analysis of a potential project and discuss early planning considerations. Cascadia’s mission includes providing information and education relative to the strategies and ideals that are central to the Living Building Challenge. Because the organization is comprised of volunteers there are no costs to anyone who seeks assistance and wants to learn more. 
Interested in learning more about how you can plan for a more sustainable building and take green building to the next level? Contact Eugene branch member Peter Reppe by email at or by phone at (541) 914-8560.

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