Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 CSI Certification Classes

The Construction Specifications Institute –Willamette Valley Chapter (CSI-WVC) is once again pleased to offer a series of classes on Construction Contract Documents (CDT) in addition to another set covering Construction Contract Administration (CCCA). The principal purpose of the courses (each consisting of 10 classes, one each per week) is to assist those who are planning to take one or more of the CSI-sponsored Certification Exams. The classes can also be of significant value to architectural interns and to the firms for whom they work, as well as very helpful to those preparing to take the State Architectural Licensing Exams. 
The two sets of classes both begin next week but it’s not too late to register. Click on the link below to download information about the classes and registration forms for them: 
If you believe you or any member of your staff would benefit from taking either the CDT or CCCA classes, don’t hesitate and enroll now. The early bird rate for the registration fees may no longer be available but the classes are truly a bargain at any price. 
Incidentally, any profit generated by the registration fees is assigned to CSI-Willamette Valley Chapter education programs.
Architects can earn up to 20 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours to apply toward maintaining Oregon State Board of Architect Examiners professional licensure; AIA Members can earn up 20 Continuing Education Learning Units (LU) which CSI will report directly to AIA/CES. 
FYI, I happen to be one of the instructors for the CDT and CCCA classes and also co-chair of the CSI-Willamette Valley Chapter Certification Committee (Linn West is the other co-chair). In addition to Linn and me, the other instructors include Larry Banks, Jon Texter, Tom Deines, Brian Hamilton, Jerry Boucock, and Jim Chaney (an august group indeed!). 

The venue for both classes is new this year. It will be the main conference room at Eugene Mindworks, located at 5th and Pearl in Eugene. We're excited to see how the classes work out in this new (to us) space.
If you have any questions, please call Linn West at 541-342-6511 or e-mail him at
Don’t delay, enroll today!

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