Sunday, January 22, 2017

eBuild Training Sessions

The eBuild Permit System is the City of Eugene's online building permit application system. The system went live in January 2015 and according to city officials has been a rousing success. During the past year alone, the Building Division issued more than 3,200 permits through eBuild. Many customers recognize the advantage of saving trips to the Permit Center and reducing costs associated with printing multiple sets of construction drawings for review. For these and other reasons, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the new system. 
Using eBuild, you can:
  • Apply for building permits online.
  • Apply for demolition permits online.
  • Apply for trade permits, such as electrical, plumbing or residential mechanical, online.
  • Apply for multiple residential trade permits using a single application.
  • Submit plans for review electronically.
  • Pay fees associated with your project online.
  • Download your approved plans.
To further improve the plan review process and provide an efficient method for archiving of data, effective March 1, 2017 the City of Eugene will require submission of all commercial and multi-family building permit submittals through eBuild. If you have questions about the new requirement, please feel free to contact Kyle Richardson, Permit Review Manager at 541-682-5534. 

The Building Division is providing opportunities to learn more about eBuild and ask questions about the process of using the system. No pre-registration is required for the training. The upcoming training sessions, all of which will occur in the Sloat Room of the Atrium Building at 99 W. 10th Avenue in downtown Eugene, will take place at the times listed below. 

Using eBuild presents several advantages beyond merely saving trees and visits to the Permit Center. All business transactions associated with the building permit process can be accomplished 24/7 using one login credential (submitting, paying fees, scheduling inspections). Information about the status of an application is just a few mouse clicks away: team members always have access to the most current version of the approved drawings—even if the need to view drawings is from their office instead of the job site. eBuild standardizes and systematizes information management, and ensures the best possible communication between city staff and applicants. Replacing the paper-based plan review process with an electronic-based alternative is key to maintaining efficiencies and keeping pace with technology. 

Speaking of keeping pace with technology, I envision eBuild as merely the first step toward ever more sophisticated and efficient plan review processes in a not-to-distant future. With the increasingly universal application of BIM, I predict artificial intelligence will become relied upon to automatically perform comprehensive initial reviews of data-rich electronic building models. I for one welcome our new computer overlords if it means their arrival frees plans examiners and building officials to work creatively with applicants in developing solutions to challenging code problems, using the innate skills only humans possess. 

What:  eBuild Training Sessions 

  • Thursday, January 26, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
  • Thursday, February 16, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
  • Thursday, March 16, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Where: Sloat Room, Atrium Building, 99 W. 10th Avenue, downtown Eugene 

Cost: Free

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