Saturday, July 1, 2017

Paul Edlund Year

Me with CSI legend Paul Edlund, FCSI a few years ago at the 2014 CSI West & Northwest Regions conference in Portland

A definite highlight of the annual meeting of the CSI-Willamette Valley Chapter held last Thursday was the presentation of a very special resolution and its passage by the members present. By passing the resolution, the members pronounced the twelve months of the 2017-2018 chapter calendar as “Paul Edlund Year” in honor of its most decorated member on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Paul was a charter member for the chapter at the time of its establishment in 1965. Since that time, he served tirelessly as the chapter’s sage, heart, and soul. There is no doubt he influenced, taught, mentored, and befriended more WVC members than any other single person in the chapter’s long history. In addition to his immeasurable contributions at the chapter level, Paul has also played a significant role in helping CSI flourish at the region and national levels, serving on various institute technical committees, the national board, and more.

Paul couldn’t attend our meeting but I’m sure he is at once deeply flattered by the chapter’s gesture and grateful for the opportunities CSI presented him throughout his rewarding career. Thanks Paul for all that you’ve done for the Institute and, on a more personal note, for being a wonderful mentor to me for so many years!

Here’s the full text of the resolution:


WHEREAS, Paul Edlund was instrumental in the organization and chartering of the Willamette Valley chapter in October, 1965; and

WHEREAS, Paul Edlund went on to lead the chapter in 1967, to serve on Institute committees for over 20 years commencing in 1969, and has continued to serve, inspire, and mentor the chapter for well over 50 ensuing years; and

WHEREAS, Paul Edlund was the first member of the Willamette Valley chapter to be elevated to Fellowship in the Institute, the first to be named a Certified Construction Specifier, and has performed exemplary service in high positions such as Region director and Institute vice-president; and

WHEREAS, Paul Edlund has brought recognition to the chapter and himself through uncountable awards, including the highest awards given by the chapter, the Northwest Region, and the Institute, including being one of only 13 individuals in the history of the Institute to be named a Distinguished Member; and

WHEREAS, Paul Edlund has made unparalleled contributions to the continuous improvement and development of design and execution in the construction industry, exhibiting at all times the highest levels of professionalism, humilty, integrity, intelligence, and good humor;

NOW THEREFORE, on the occasion of Paul Edlund's 90th birthday, and on the occasion of the 51st annual meeting of the Willamette Valley chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute;

BE IT RESOLVED that, in honor of PAUL EDLUND, FCSI, CCS, Distinguished Member, the Willamette Valley Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute hereby resolves and declares that the 2017-18 chapter year is designated PAUL EDLUND YEAR, in grateful appreciation for Paul Edlund's many and notable achievements and unparalleled contributions to the success of the chapter and the design and construction industry at large.

By resolution of the Willamette Valley Chapter, at its meeting held this 29th day of June, 2017 by acclamation of the members attending.

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